Information about SigFox Bee

Hi everyone.

Has anyone used Sodaq’s SigFox Bee? Can someone share some information about it? Which chip is being used? Is it WiSOL SFM10 or something else?

Has anyone written some simple connect/sendPacket/receivePacket library for it already?

I will be ordering one or two soon so I’m trying to gather some information before i do so.


Hi zag0,

This SigFox Bee (from OtherUse) uses the TD1208 from Telecom Design. I believe there are multiple Arduino libraries that you can check out for it (e.g.

Hope this helps you!

Thanks Gregory.

One more thing. How do I upgrade TD1208 firmware? I found a user guide on TDnext’s website and tried connecting Prolific PL2303 directly to the Sigfox Bee’s VCC, GND, TX and RX pins but TDLoader application always gets stuck in “Synchronizing” state.

I read that firmware versions under 1445 don’t support downlink packets and mine came with 1291.


For future readers:

I found out what the problem was. I was using a 5V USB-to-UART cable and TD1208 operates on 3.3V max. As soon as I swapped the adapter with one that has a switchable output (3.3/5V) the flashing started.