I cannot initiate the NB-IoT shield again

I Followed the workshop earlier this year and than my NB-IoT on the Arduino M0 worked fine. Now I want to connect it to T-Mobile and my own platform. Not the allthinkstalk platform. To initiate the NB-IoT shield again I followed the exact steps in the tutorial, but over and over again I get an error on "AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,“oceanconnect.t-mobile.nl”. When I do AT+CGDCONT? I get
+CGDCONT: 0,“IP”,0,0,1

Do I have to reset the boards? Or is it something else?

Warm Regards,
Elfred van Nieuwamerongen

Hi @Elfred_van_Nieuwamer

Since you were one of the early adopters you may need to upgrade your firmware.
Did you already upgrade the firmware on your shield to FW 06.57-A07.03 ?

Kind regards,