How Verify the Power Sleep Mode

I have the sodaq Sara R410M. i use the command AT+CPSMS=1,“10000100”,“00001010”. So that means that for 120 seconds will be in sleep mode and for 20 seconds be in active mode.
After the command CPSMS i make a delay for 280 seconds. During that delay i send from the server to module small packets every 5 second (56 udp packets)
When the delay of 280 seconds finished i stop sending packets from server and i start read the data that received in the module (AT+USORF) every one second for 56 seconds.
The thing is that i received succesfully all 56 packets that i sent from server . I suppose that when module is in sleep mode dont receive anything.
Does anyone knows why happens that?
Are these packets in queue in Vodafone connectivity platform or are in queue in Sodaq Sara R410M?
Below i have a pic to understand better what i did :

Before going into PSM, you “inform” your provider about how long you will stay into PSM. The provider buffers your messages while you are alseep and will send the buffer when you wake up. That’s how I understood it according to the datasheets.


Yes, i realise that. But if that is true then i have to lose some packets. Cause after 120 seconds the module is wake up but i dont read any received packet. So the provider should send some packets when i first wake up but i dont read any received packets in that duration. I start to read after 280 seconds. So the packets that the provider send after 120 seconds when the modem is first time up should be lost. Am i right?