How to use easily Flash storage space for gps data logging


I want to use the arduino Flash library or the FlashStorage moded library for GPS information logging into flash memory. But the FlashStorage overrwrite all data on every write cycle (so it will kill the flash if i use that), and the moded library, or the Arduino Flash.h is not work correctly (Arduino 1.8.x last version).

I want to use StorageFlash library (for stor settings) paralell with other working flash solution for storing gps data as ring buffer but i don’t find any working solution.
I need to reservate all free usable flash memory, and write data from a shifted pointer with gps data length, and read all, or separate data with pointer and length.

I use Sara AFF ,SFF with R412 and N211 but the priority is the AFF, SFF R412.

Can you recommend a well-functioning solution or guideline for me?


Hi istvan,

From what it sounds you should really NOT use the device flash for this purpose. Instead use an external storage for this.
I’d recommend looking for arduino libraries that implement this functionality and then try to source a breakout/shield somewhere.
A quick google search yielded this.

And a list from Arduino themselves.

We also have one

But the public one is very stripped down and not really maintained.

Perhaps on another note, SD cards are also an option…