How to use an external antenna on the LoRa ExpLoRer board?


I bought a Sodaq Explorer board (Orange edition), and it works very well. For a next step, I would like to add an antenna in order to have a better signal quality (LoRaWAN) since I’m often far from the public gateway. So, I was wondering how I could do it.

I tried to solder the antenna on the board without removing the PCB part (I was afraid of remove it and not be able to send packages anymore). As I forgot to take a picture of my board, the two pictures below present the connection I made.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work at all. So, I would like to check with you what it is the correct way to solder the antenna and see if what I did makes sense.

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Actually, it is not possible. You need to

  1. Cut the antenna trace and take it off to the right for at least one cm. This is a one way process, after this you cannot use the antenna anymore.
  2. solder the cable to the pad you indicated
  3. Solder the outside of that cable to one of the two ground pads. Now it is properly grounded.
    It is not guarantee for success, because the external antenna might not be properly tuned to be used with this board, but that can be seen easily from the RSSI levels.
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