How to tune the Sensitivity of the accelerometer in Sodaq ONE v2?

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I am trying to make use of LIS3DE accelerometer on my Sodaq ONE v2, I have found the library here, however I cannot make it interrupt to wake up the sodaq.

I am using the following configuration for the interruption

    accelerometer.enable(true, LIS3DE::NormalLowPower10Hz, LIS3DE::XYZ, LIS3DE::Scale4g, true);

        LIS3DE::XHigh | LIS3DE::XLow | LIS3DE::YHigh | LIS3DE::YLow | LIS3DE::ZHigh | LIS3DE::ZLow,
        gPercentage * 8.0 / 100.0,accDuration,LIS3DE::MovementRecognition);

Would this be enough in order to make the accelerometer interrupt if I move the device up and down with my hand?

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Can you update the board files to 1.6.12?
New boards url:
Here we made a fix for the accelerometer pins.



I have set the boards url as you mentioned me, however I still lack of example of how to using the LIS3DE module, are SODAQ working on it?

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Please see a sample code in the link below

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