How to send unconfirmed messages with SODAQ ONE v3

Hi everyone,

To have a better fit for my project with constraints (battery lifetime, airtime transmission, …) I would like to implement a transmission mechanism that doesn’t require confirmations from the receiver (network server).

As we can see from the picture above, what I should do is set the MType Binary Value to 010.

My question is how I can do that on SODAQ ONE v3 board using Arduino IDE with a simple example I copy from LoRa Simple Sketch.

I salute any suggestions from you.

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The example sketch by default sends an unacknowledged message.
You can see this in our library here.

In this library you can see that we will send a message with “uncnf” to the RN2483, you can check the datasheet here.

See page 22.

In contrast you can use the sendReqAck() function call to do require confirmation.

In short, it does this by default. You should not need to change anything.

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Dear Thom,

Your explanation is completely clear.

Thank you very much for your answer.

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