How to Mesure Power Draw, Mbili


I am trying to figure out how to use the JST A6 pin on feature ® to measure the battery power draw, but I cant find any instructions on how to. Could anyone give me a hint?

I found mA numbers for sleep mode, but I want to see how much it draws when my application is active.


The voltage divider attached to A6 will allow you to read the LiPo voltage.
This example has a routine for it:

If you want to measure the current, you will can measure it across the the two pins on the JP6 jumper (see JST section):

You will need to ensure that you replace the jumper when you are done otherwise you will leave the LiPo disconnected.

If you measure across JP6 when there is both the LiPo and USB connected, you will likely get a negative reading which is the charge current.