How to connect NB-IoT SARA-N211

I am testing sodaq sara n211 in Denmark and I have TDC and Telia SIM but I am unable to connect it to the network. I tried to run all the AT command to connect it but after giving AT+CGATT command I am getting it 0, it means it connected to the network. Can any one please help me out? How can i connect it to the network.?

Hi @Radheshyam_Singh,

Can you try with AT+COPS=0, to use the auto operator selection.
I have seen that it some countries the force operator doesn’t work.

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Dear Jan,
Thanks for your reply. But still it is not connecting. I am using the following code ----

#include <Arduino.h>

#define DEBUG_STREAM SerialUSB
#define MODEM_STREAM Serial1
#define powerPin SARA_ENABLE
#define enablePin SARA_TX_ENABLE

#error “Please select the SODAQ SARA as your board”

unsigned long baud = 9600;

void setup()
#ifdef powerPin
// Turn the nb-iot module on
pinMode(powerPin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(powerPin, HIGH);

#ifdef enablePin
// Set state to active
pinMode(enablePin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(enablePin, HIGH);
#endif // enablePin

// Start communication

// Forward every message to the other serial
void loop()
while (DEBUG_STREAM.available())

while (MODEM_STREAM.available())

I am in Denmark and I am using the Telia and TDC SIM to connect it. I tried all the AT command related to SARA n211 to connect it to network, but I failed all the time. Can you please guide me step by step how can I connect it. Is this code is correct or there is any change?
Please reply me asap.


On this page you can find the sketch and AT commands we use in the Netherlands.

You might need to change some commands

  • Update the APN to Telia APN
  • When the force operator doesn’t work, use the auto operator selection (AT+COPS=0)
  • Use band 8 or 20

It can take a few minutes before the AT+CGATT return 1

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Did you get it to work with Telia SIM in Denmark?