How can I increase the timer in sodaq gps tracker?


I was wondering how I can extend the time in soda que tracker code that control when the gps tasks are executed?

I see that it’s set to one minute , 59s, but I would like to extend it into 3min. Where can I set this new time in the code?

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You don’t need to change anything in the code. You can change the setting in the Serial monitor startup menu.

Upload the default tracker software to the board.
Open a serial monitor, baudrate can be anything. Set the Serial monitor settings to: Both NL & CR
If you don’t see any data press enter.
Now you have a startup menu where you can change all the settings.
By default you will notice that the fix interval is set to 15 minutes.
Send the command “fi=3” to set it to 3 minutes.

The device will still wake up every minute to check the timers, but only send every 3 minutes
If you don’t have gps coverage it will take 2 minutes more to transmit. Because the gps timeout is set to 120 seconds.

If you want to change it in the code:
Go to the Config.cpp
Change the setting in void ConfigParams::reset()
These are default setting, you can still override them in startmenu when you open the serial monitor.

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@Jan Thanks!

Another question, how does the code know how much time to wait when LoraBee is transmitting? I mean, how do you calculate the transmission window for the Lora module? Could not it happen that the Lora modules goes to sleep before having sent its payload?

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