High power consumption during sleep - SARA AFF N211

Hi! I see that this question has been posted before in the forum, but without any answer. So I’ll try with a new post.

When using the Low power sketch found on the SODAQ SARA AFF N211 website, the power consumption starts out at about 0.8 mA, and increases to about 1.4 mA during the next ten minutes (when the watchdog timer is disabled). On the website it says that the power consumption in sleep should be about 26 uA. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? There are no external components connected to the board except for the 3.6 V battery in series with the multimeter.

Note: In the original code SARA_ENABLE is set to HIGH, but I changed it to LOW in my code.

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I have experienced the same issue with PCB revision 3 - with low power sketch the current is higher then expected - 0,8 mA. BUT with PCB revision 2 the deep sleep current is 20 uA.
When you set SARA_ENABLE to LOW, the deep sleep current drops to 16 uA in REV3.

Hi, thank you for your reply!

I used Rev2, where the u-blox modem had firmware version 06.57,A07.03. The current consumption was measured a few days after updating to firmware version 06.57,A09.06, and it had then dropped down to 30 µA. I’m not sure if there is a correlation here, but it might be.