Grove - Voltage Divider connected to Mbili

I bought a Grove - Voltage Divider here at Sodaq. I try to connect it to a Mbili and using the code on this page but the results are very strange and not even close to the real connected voltage.

In the specs I see that the working voltage is (min) 4.7V.

Is it right to conclude that this board cannot work with Sodaq devices?


As long as the output voltage is 3.3V or less it will be fine.

So depending on the selected division ratio, you need to ensure that the input voltage does not result in an output voltage > 3.3V.

So if you have selected the ‘Select 3’ position on the switch, make sure the voltage you are measuring is < 10V.
If you have selected the ‘Select 10’ position on the switch, it will divide the input voltage by 10 and so you are limited to measuring < 33V.

Thanks for your answer… I’ll try again!