GPS updating VERY slowly

I have a code, in which the GPS will be read every 2 seconds. This is normally fine, the GPS returns “GGA …” sentence, and I get stuff i need.

But, after using this code on a tracker for 2 months (without any problems in waking up and going to sleep of the board) - I notice that the frequency of the GGA sentence is slow. I mean, that i am getting a GGA sentence at every 1 or 2 minutes.

Why is that? Where should I even start debugging?

The battery has gone down to 3.9 Volt (even tho the SARA R4 chip has a range of 3.2 to 4.5 Volts). Can this be the cause of slow GPS updates? Thank you.
Thank you.

Hi @Sean_Con,

The boards should perform identical. I never had the issue you described.
I know it is possible in the GPS module to set the frequencies and other settings.

A good place to start debugging is with a GPS pass-through and u-center.
GPS - SODAQ Support pages
u-center | u-blox
With u-center you are able to check and set every setting inside the module.

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