GPS Antenna extention on SODAQ SARA

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I recently started playing with the SODAQ SARA N211 and would like to build a GPS tracker for a car.
The problem I am facing now is that the GPS reception inside the vehicle is very poor/non-existent.
To solve that I would like to extend the antenna or get an active GPS antenna in a place with good reception.

My question is if there is a way to to extend the antenna of the SARA 211 or the R410M/R412M to about 1 meter?

I am thinking about upgrading to the R410M or R412M anyway since I’ve been having some issues with the low number of messages on the NB-IOT network. (I initially ordered the R410, but couldn’t wait to get started so got the N211 instead as soon as it came out :wink:



Dear @Steven

Unfortunately there is no way to extend the gps antenna for the SODAQ SARA AFF.
If you want to upgrade anyway to an R41X board. Please consider the SODAQ SARA SFF.

It has almost the same features but in a smaller package.
It only has an gps chip onboard, no built-in antenna. You can connect any active gps antenna via the u.fl connector.

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Thanks @Jan!

Sounds like a good solution to go to a SODAQ SARA SFF.
Is there anything known on when the SODAQ SARA SFF R412M will be available (again)? I see it is currently not available in the shop.




Please contact about the availability in the webshop.
They can give you more details.

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Thanks, will do!

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