GPS active causes accelerometer interrupt


When GPS runs the scan method, the accelerometer IRQs are called on pin ACCEL_INT1. If leave_on parameter of the scan method was set to true, the IRQs continues until the GPS is turned off.

How I can solve? Is it possible remove accelerometer IRQs when GPS is on?

Accelerometer interrupt configuration:

attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(ACCEL_INT1), ACC_interrupt_function, CHANGE);

void ACC_interrupt_function(void)
if (digitalRead(ACCEL_INT1))


GPS configuration:


The board used is SODAQ SARA N211:

SODAQ_Ublox_GPS scan method:

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Hello :wave: someone who can help me?

Can you try using the attachInterrupt() call without the digitalPinToInterrupt() macro.
Just send ACCEL_INT1 as the first parameter.