GPRSBee sleep/wakeup on Autonomo

Hi Guys, what is the correct code for disabling and enabling the GPRSBee on an Autonomo? i don’t seem to be doing it right
I want to turn it off while the autonomo is on deep sleep and turn it on again with the alarm cycle
just gprsbee.on(); and; will do it?


this is my actual bee init sequence

//GPRSBee init
//Start the Bee Serial port initially

//Switch on the VCC for the Bee socket
//digitalWrite(BEE_VCC, HIGH);

gprsbee.initAutonomoSIM800(Serial1, BEE_VCC, BEEDTR, BEECTS);

The GPRSbee is ordinarily switched off by the library. Most commands (such as HTTP action) will switch on the GPRSbee, establish the connection to the network, perform any network activity, and then switch off the GPRSbee when finished.

Some commands have the option to keep the connection alive, as this can be useful if you are performing multiple operations in a row (it saves having to re-establish the connection for each operation). If used this way, you may have to call manually.

oh man, the library is too good :smile:
what else could i do to save off current? i am already using your SPI flash disable DFlashUltraDeepSleep() method.