GPRS signal strength on Mbili

I use the Mbili for data acquisition of a beehive. The Mbili is sending the data every hour on ThinkSpeak service. From time to time I have a intermittent supply of data from my Mbili. Sometime it happens that I don’t receive for couple of hours, or it stop sending data, and I have to manually reset the Mbili. The data is loging on the SD card every hour (in the log file), so I suppose I have a problem of weak GSM - GPRS signal. It the time the Mbili don’t send the data, the SIM card won’t eaven start a Internet connection…

My question is, is there a command to check a “strength” of a GPRS signal, so I can check the signal all the time I take data and write it on the log file?

Another question is, can I put some other antenna to the GPRSbee (my bee doesn’t have a sma connector, it have some plug connector for antenna…).


Hi Paolo, if i recall correctly it’s AT+CSQ


+CSQ: “rssi” ,“ber”
If error is related to ME functionality:
Execution Command returns received signal strength indication
and channel bit error rate from the ME. Test Command returns
values supported by the TA.

0 -115 dBm or less
1 -111 dBm
2…30 -110… -54 dBm
31 -52 dBm or greater
99 not known or not detectable
“ber” (in percent):
0…7 As RXQUAL values in the table in GSM 05.08 [20]
subclause 7.2.4
99 Not known or not detectable

Dear femuruy,
Thank you for your reply. Can you help me further; from your replay I still don’t know how to parse a AT+CSQ command to the GPRSbee - do you maybe have some example?

On the page I found a command getRSSIAndBER, but in my GPRSbee.h file I’cant find this command. Should I replace my GPRSbee.h file with the one I found online and use the above command?

Best regards, Paolo

Hi, i think it should be


Did you have any success with the getRSSIAndBER function???