Getting started with the NB-IoT Starter Kit/GPS activation

I just started experimenting with the vodafone NB-IoT starter kit, and a number of probably simple questions came up:

  1. So far, I was unable to activate the GPS Location in allthingstalk - is there anything Special I Need to do? I thought the GPS would activate automatically once the device is moved
  2. Is it possible to use 2 sensors with the starter kit without changing the Settings, i.e. exchanging the display for a second sensor?
  3. I noted that the board transmits sensor data frequently (1xper minute) when conditions Change (e.g. Change from light to dark using the light sensor), but only 1xper 5 minutes when conditions do not Change (e.g. when the board is inside a darkish room) - can someone give me little more insight into the underlying code logic?

Thanks a lot in advance!