Getting started with Sodaq Explorer


I recently received a Sodaq explorer board and I am trying it out. Particularly interested in its LoRaWaN capabilities.

So I connected it to the local LoRa network successfully and I can verify from both ends (both the board and the online service) that my data are being sent and received. I have the device initialized as personalized and using your LoraWan example to transmit temperature measurements.

I currently have two main questions:

  1. The data that I receive on the cloud service and PubNub, seem to be either encrypted or encoded. Any idea how should I be decrypting them or should I take that up with the services that I am using?
  2. Are there any examples on how I can put the board into deep sleep so to be able to get it to last long enough just with the coin cell battery?



  1. I don’t have any experience with the platform PubNub.

Both AppSKey and nwkSkey are used for encryption. What network do you use? If you use The Things Network, the data from TTN to PubNub will be base64 encoded.

  1. The Sodaq Autonomo, One and Explorer have the same microcontroller.
    Here are some examples for the Autonomo which will also work on the One and Explorer.

Jan van Loenen

I used the Send Temp example provided and sent to a TTN application.

Within that application I used this payload function to decode it, it may give you some hints

function Decoder(bytes, port) {
// Decode an uplink message from a buffer
// (array) of bytes to an object of fields.
var result = “”; for (var i = 0; i < bytes.length; i++) { result += String.fromCharCode(parseInt(bytes[i])); }

return {BoardTemp:result, };