Get HWEUI from RN Module


I’m trying to find the EUI of my SODAQ Explorer but it does not seem to appear. I am using the sketch found in to Get HWEUI from RN Module but it only prints the message Get the hardware serial, sending “sys get hweui\r\n”, expecting “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, received: " on the serial monitor. Is there an alternative way to do this or is there a way to find out if the issue is with the device itself?

I’ve listed all the details which might be useful to diagnose the issue:

  • Microchip SODAQ ExpLoRer Rev. 3
  • Arduino Genuino 1.8.5
  • SODAQ SAMD Boards Arduino v.1.6.19
  • Sodaq_RN2483 v1.0.11
  • 57600 Baud in the Serial Monitor

Please let me know if you need more information. Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!


I have tested the code on a Explorer Rev.6C and the code works ok.

You may want to disconnect the explorer completely from power after re-programming it.
This is to reset the RN module, in the later version Rev.5+ we made this possible in hardware.

Alternative way is to upload the passthrough example.

With this sketch you can send all the RN command manually.
sys get hweui is the command to get the hardware eui from the module.

All command can be found here:

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