From Dev board to production

A newbie question.

Waiting for my sodaq one to arrive.

Say I develop a sketch on the sodaq oone which works fine, but for the “production” version I only need the LORAWAN and a couple of simple switch sensors…

Could I use another (cheaper) arduino board for production (say an Autinomo with a Lorawan module) without too much refactoring of the sketch

Sorry for the newbie question!

You will have to do some working porting any sketch to another board.

However, if you use the Autonomo with the RN2483 (or similar) Bee module, most of your code should be compatible. There may be some minor differences such as the IO pin labels, and some of the available hardware on the board.

Other boards, especially those that are not based on the SAMD platform, will require significantly more work. There are some major differences with things like external interrupts and sleep cycles.