Firmwire over the air


I am using a SODAQ Sara 412 AFF board. The ublox chip can be updatedd over the air, using proper AT commands.

However, Id like to know, if there are ways to implemented my software, that runs on the SAMD21 chip, (takes gps updates and saves in an SD card) over the air as well

Thank you.

Hi , i think you can use the arduinoota library as written in this post:
is in italian but there is a sample sketch that show how it’s the same samd chip so it should work.
if it work it will be usefull an update because i’m doing the same with arduino hardware but i will switch to sodaq for industrial version of my concept

Thank you.
i have tried to use the SDU library.

But the SDU libray fails with unknown chip error.
So I tried to force

  #include "boot/mzero.h"


  #include "boot/zero.h"

Neither works - what can be done in this case?

So, here is the update.

I have tested and tested with all possible combinations in the SDU.cpp file.

I had success with MKR1010.h - but only 2 times out of 26 tests.

What can be done.