Firmware Updater with new RN2903 Firmware 1.0.3

Hi guys,
A couple of week ago I forked the firmware updater to be able to update RN2483/RN2903 firmware from any other Zero, ESP8266, ESP32 boards. Repo is located here.

I just added the RN2903 Firmware V1.0.3 in my fork and works fine (tested for US customer)

If any Sodaq Guys would merge my pull request to master repo, could be fine.


Hey @Charly86,

We are looking at that.
We will update the new firmware of the 915Mhz, but won’t update the rest. In our GIT, we prefer to support our boards. Feel free to fork it and support the other boards if you want.

The main goal of this is to able to update Microchip Firmware of LoraWAN modules. First time I needed to update I found this one for Sodaq boards (and trust me, I have some) which is fine and really awesome.

But I also got other boards, and I think I’m not the only one using these Lora modules and need to update firmware. So that is why I forked this one and added the feature to flash module firmware from other boards. I’m not doing any support or whatsoever, I’m just sharing what I’ve added. I did not wanted to maintain a custom fork but sharing with you for others. Having multiple version (forks) not doing the same thing is always complicated for users and from experience, adding your new changes in my fork will become time consuming that’s why I asked to merge this pull request.

For Sodaq user, it does not change anything, just upload and burn firmware, nothing has changed on function. I just added a way to update firmware from other boards.
But for you, it saves time and support because for example adding V1.0.3 for US module is already done.

But that’s not a problem for me to keep a dedicated fork, I can understand, I just thought working together would improve our work.