ExpLoRer Power Consumption

I am trying to get the ExpLoRer board down to the low power consumption of 20.5 uA which is mentioned in the low power example code. https://support.sodaq.com/Boards/ExpLoRer/Examples/low_power_sketch/

When I run the example sketch I can only get down do 880 uA. What am I doing wrong?

The board I have is revision 5b if that makes any difference? I’m measuring the current using a Qoitech Otii device.


Hi Michael,

Very strange, we’ll confirm it internally.


Hi @michaelprice,

We just tested the code with an ExpLoRer 6c. We connected the otii to the battery and ground pins.
In our test the board behaves like expected. How did you connect the otii?
See our results in the images below.

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I have the same setup for connection to the Otii.

I still get about 850uA with the sample code from https://support.sodaq.com/Boards/ExpLoRer/Examples/low_power_sketch/

I have two more of the same model board. When I tested them just now one was averaging 327uA and the other 287uA. I don’t know why this would be the case.

Could you share the code you are using. Are you using the Arduino IDE to compile and install it?