Does Vodafone SIM in the kit work with other devices other than SARA AFF R410M

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I’d like to get SARA AFF R410M with Vodafone SIM Card kit and explore it (testing out the kit and Vodafone NB). I’d also like to use the Vodafone SIM on other devices, such as Quectel BG96, and upload some sensor readings to Google Firebase using TCP/IP. Is this possible? Has anyone tried the Vodaphone SIM on other devices with other cloud services?

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We’d like to purchase 2 kits. I’ve checked with Sander about using the SIM on other devices with other Cloud services. He referred me to this forum. Could Sodaq engineers give some advice? Thank you very much!

Dear @jh.zhao,

The Vodafone sim can be used in other compatible device, like the Quectel BG96.
You can upload your own sketch to the SARA AFF R410M board.

I don’t have any experience with Google Firebase nor with the Quectel BG96.
By default the maker sketch send an udp message to a server (by default AllThingsTalk) you can change this in the settings.
I believe at this time, for nb-iot, only udp is supported. If you really need tcp/ip I suggest you would look into LTE-M.

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