Disable SDcard on autonomo during sleep mode


We try to minimize power consumption for a Autonomo board. I using sleep mode according with example from topic: Autonomo sleep current

I manage to reduce Arduino current in the sleep mode to 45 uA (it’s just Arduino board nothing else). That is good enough for us.

But in our project we need SDcard. So, if I just insert micro SD card in Arduino board, then the current increase to 530 uA in sleep mode.

So the question are:
How can I disable and then activate the SD card to reduce the power in standby mode for the Autonomo card?

Thank you,
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Hi Ionel,

You can’t really. The Autonomo doesn’t support proper powering down of the SD card (which is what you want probably).
Each SD card will have a different sleep consumption, if you want to stick to the autonomo you can try different ones and see which consume the least.
Or you can try a different board / use some kind of switch to toggle the power (external board?).


Hi Thom,

Thanks a lot for your answer.