Device not activated TTN

Hello everyone,

Yesterday my Sodaq One was delivered and I couldn’t wait to try it
I am new to all of this, so maybe my question sounds a little stupid for the pro’s.

My first goal is to connect the Sodaq One to an application in TTN.
Steps I’ve done:

  • Made an application “SodaqOne Tracker”
  • Register a OTAA device (my SodaqOne, I’ve used the Dev EUI from the serial monitor)
  • Uploaded the App EUI and the App Key to the SodaqOne with the serial monitor
  • Then I waited for the Status to change from “Device is not activated” to another status

I’m still waiting en nothing happend. Maybe there is no signal from TTN in this part of The Hague or I am doing something wrong.


Hi Brian,

It looks like the nearest gateway is out of range.
You should try to activate it in a place you know there is a ttn gateway in the area.



Thnx for your quick reply. It looks like I have a roadtrip today :grinning:
I will post the result of the trip.


Hi all,

The past 2,5 hour I’ve been on the road to discover if it’s a coverage thing or a configuration of my SodaqOne. It seems to be a coverage problem. In the city The Hague I din’t get any connection. Just below the TU Delft I got a connection! So my SodaqOne is alright. Just below the TU I got a RSSI of -99, what is very good. But when I went a couple of hundreds of metres away I lost the connection. I think it’s was less then 1 km further.

I thought the coverage was already more in place, but now I know that I must be patience.
Before I really can test this board, I must need a constant connection.
Wait of buy a gateway of my own…


Hi Brian,

Do you think the ONE has fairly low signal strength (therefor only a couple of hundreds of metres away I lost the connection)? like mentioned by jasper ONE transmission power and counter reset

Hello Balonne,

I really can’t say at this moment. The lack of a connected LoRa device, makes it impossible to test in a representative way. There for I don’t want to jump in conclusions.

When the TTN gateways are released to all of the buyers, there must be enough coverage for me to make progress with testing.


It seems that I have a similar issue, but I am sitting about 2km away from a gateway. After doing the configuration for OTAA I get a “LoRa Init failed!”

I have the same error “LoRa Init Failed!” and boot success in winterthur…

I’ve got this working with only aself build Single Channel Gateway on my desk (Raspberry Pi with a HOPERF board or Dragino HAT)

For a Single Channel Gateway, you need to create an ABP devices (instead off OTAA, probably because the OTAA authentication process is not supported on a Single Channel Gateway). I did this through the TTNCTL command and setting the appropriate settings in the Tracker Software (otaa=0, dev=, key= and app=.

Since my Single Channel Gateway only receives SF7 at 868.1000, the TTN console only shows a packet roughly once every 2 minutes (packets 1, 3, 7, 9, 13, 16…).