Defective GPS antenna

Hi there,

I received with my SodaqONE kit a defective GPS antenna. Is there’s a way to get an other one? I’m in Canada


What seems to be the issue? It is difficult to see the issue in that picture.

Hi Gabriel, I’m not sure if the antenna is defective,but what I can say is that I can’t get a fix with it. At this time, I’m using a single wire attached to the board connector (the lora antenna actually) and I get a fix with that (outside). I even tried an other antenna with no success. How can a single piece of wire gives me some results and not an antenna made for that?

Could provide a picture of how you have it wired up.

You can run the I2C scanner to see if the gps chip is working correct

The scanner should find 2x an address

As Photo_1 : When I use the antenna provided in the kit, there is no way I could get a fix (and I am outside). I have Waited an hour to try getting a fix (gft set to 480 secs).

As photo_2 : When I use the provided LORA antenna in the antenna GPS connector, I do get a fix. It’s not a real accurate fix but I get one (4 sats in the view, enough to get the timestamp and a low 2d fix)).

Thanks for your help.

Sorry, I can’t seem to see those photos, did you forget to link them?

Sorry, here they are…

Thanks Jan, I see the two addresses.

More information : is it supposed to have voltage at the gps connector to feed an active antenna? because my board does not provide any to the antenna…maybe that why I am not getting a fix with this antenna. Is there a command in the software to pull up some voltage to that pin?

Thanks again for your help.