Custom Cowtracker with Sodaq One

Hello Forum,
since 2016 i’m running a LoRa based Cow-Tracker in the Bavarian Alps using the TTN an the 50X SODAQ ONE

Bichler Alm is on 1337m OSL at :

47.6460259, 11.4739058

Me, myself, have only 30 cows on 0,8 km²
But I cover about 10.000 Cows with my existing Internet network in the BY-Alps by now.

I just want to show you what I’m doing there:

The housings for the Sodaq One are made on a 3D printer that I took with me to the hut.

My Gateway is solar driven and has an 5GHz uplink to to the internet 12km away.
This is a foto in winter. I disconnected the batteries.

The backend is TTN and as frontedd I used a raspberry pi running traccar.
Here you can see the trace of one cow within two days.

First i had a lot of trouble with broken housings and humidity.
Redesigning and painting the Sodaq One with electronics paint solved the Problems.

Best regards


Mateng… Would be very interested in learning more about your experience with the tracker. Have received my first tracker for use in a pilot project. Looking for information on how you configured your trackers and integrated them with the map shown above.

hello wrldtvlr,
on the sodaq -one I used the universal Tracker:

As far as i remember, i did not change anything in the code.
I followed a howto like that to setup thethingsnetwork (TTN).

Using an existing Gateway i setup a respberry py and installed mosquitto and traccar.
Mosquitto passes the data from TTN to traccar locally via http.
That it.

Thank you, Mateng. I wasn’t sure if the Cow Tracker had been preconfigured or not. I sounds like I must remove the cover and load the Sodaq UniversalTracker sketch software? Traccar looks very interesting! I have done some preliminary testing using a GPS Shield and Mosquitto, so I do not think it will be difficult to work with Traccar.

you misunderstood.
I did not use the sodaq cow-tracker.
I used the sodaq-one pcb and build my own case.
I do not know what is inside the sodaq-cow-tracker.
Please open your sodaq-cow-tracker and show us what is inside :slight_smile:


Ahh! I was confused by the photo of cows with your trackers. They look very similar to the Sodaq tracker. I will disassemble the Sodaq tracker and see what is inside. As an aside, I hope to use the Moovement tracker when they become available later this summer.

I build my housing 2016.
… so Sodaq-Tracker looks similar to mine :slight_smile:
The Moovement tracker (designed by Sodaq) looks promising.
In my opinion, the solar cell is to small for my usage in the alps.
Take a look at the ztag of
This one I gonna test next.

OK… Opened it up and it’s pretty straightforward. A Sodaq One v3 board, attached to a GPS chip, battery and the exterior solar cell. Can’t tell how the Sodaq One board is attached to the case. It has to come out to get to the USB port, but I don’t want to break anything. I also can’t tell what the state of the battery is or whether the solar cell is large enough to actually charge the battery.

Hi @wrldtvlr,

There should be some double-sided tape under the SODAQ One. The pcb should be easy to remove and be able to stick back on when you have programmed, put in your network keys and settings.

You can measure the voltage of the battery. 4,2 V = full and 3,5 V = empty.
The solar panel should be good for when the location updates are every 15 min or less.

Thanks for sharing the picture, I will ask the webshop people to assemble the SODAQ One 90 degrees turned so the USB can still be used.

Best regards,

Thank you, Jan! Looking forward to getting started today.

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Thank you for the help - I was able to move the board such that a flat USB cable connects without removing the board. I’ve also been able to get the tracker up and running with TTN / Cayenne. Unfortunately I managed to lose one of the case screws in the process! You wouldn’t happen to have the spec for that screw by any chance?

Never mind - It looks like an M2.5x10

I like the look of the Zane zTag. We are concerned about how well a collar system will work with animals on open range with brush and fence posts. Please post your experience. If it’s positive, we may consider ordering one for testing. I think our next step will be to install an external gateway like the Lorix One.

Dear @wrldtvlr,

If you like the looks of the Zane Ztag, we made a similar board.
The modules we use are certified and antenna performance is well tested.

Thank you, Jan. I have been in touch with Pieter and we are looking forward to receiving a few V2 tags for evaluation later this year. In the meantime, we’re becoming familiar with the technology and related services on offer.

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Well, M2.5s are too small. Will try M3s…

For the inside it we use M2.5x8mm and for screwing the case together it is M3x12mm

Thank you, Jan. The M3x12 worked perfectly.

Hi Mateng…

I have received a Zane cow tracker, but haven’t been able to get it configured. The device does not have a physical interface. Instead, there is a magnet sensor that is supposed to activate a WiFi interface. Unfortunately that isn’t working for me. Have sent a request to Zane, but they haven’t responded yet.

Update: I was able to get the Zane tracker working. Seems the battery was not charged. :slight_smile: