CowTracker V2 - How to get it into operation and connect to TTN?

Hi, yesterday I got a SODAQ cowtracker and wanted to put it into operation over TTN. Unfortunately I could not find the necessary documentation either in the package or on the internet. On top of the cowtracker is a sticker with a UniquedeviceID and Activation Code. Normally I connect my LoWaWAN sensors over OTAA to TTN.

Do I have to program the tracker or is it already operational? How can I connect to the Sodaq One Borad in the CowTracker?

I have asked SODAQ directly for these questions and have been referred to the forum! :frowning:

I urge for help! Thank you very much!

Hi @Carol,

You can register your UniquedeviceID / HardwareEUI to TTN and put the keys inside the software like you used to do.
On the PCB we have preprogrammed with the UniversalTracker software.

More information about the software can be found here:

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Hi Jan,
thanks for the good advice!

Three more questions:

1.) What is the activation code on the Cowtracker sticker for?

2.) Do I have to open the case of the Cowtracker to connect via USB to the borad?

3.) Which SODAQ One Version is currently shipped with the CowTracker?

Thanks for Your answer and help?

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Hi @Carol

We received ours earlier this year. It came with V3 hardware. Yes, you do need to open the collar up and attach a USB cable to the PC board to program it. There are a couple of threads here that have the configuration values. Some of the default values may need to be changed for your situation. It’s also helpful to fully charge the battery by USB.

1.) AllThingsTalk, if you want to use this dashboard then you can do an easy setup with this activation code.

2.) Yes, you need to open the casing and insert your network keys + change settings to your situation.


Since you need to open the casing I would also recommend to charge the battery by USB since it’s much faster than by sunlight.

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You may find it helpful to use a 90 degree USB cable like this one when attaching to the PCB. Keep in mind that micro USB connectors are polarized (wide side / narrow side), so the cable connector needs to match the board.

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The CowTracker is now running perfectly!
Many thanks for the tips and great help!


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Please continue to post your progress? I’m particularly interested in what application you end up using for capturing location reports, maintaining historical records and displaying on a map.

I like to inform the community about the further progress of the project. We’re already developing a web app and iPhone / Android apps to visualize and respond to the CowTracker’s data.