Controlling a Mobile via SMS messages

Dear forum guys,
Do you have some example or sketches for controlling a Mbili (with a GPRSbee) via SMS message. I searched on the forum and on a web, but didn’t find what I was looking for…
What I want to do is make a code that will “read” - parse an incoming SMS, and them depending of a command do some work (for instance start a readings of sensor, and sand back by SMS the readings, or set some variable etc.).

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The GPRSbee has a method for sending an SMS, however, receiving is another issue.

The problem is, the GPRSbee is quite power hungry, and so it is ordinarily kept in a powered down state. When a specific task is required (e.g. an HTTP action) the module is powered up, it then connects to the network, performs the task(s) and then powers down again. It would be difficult to keep the GPRSbee powered up constantly using a battery/solar configuration.

As the GPRSbee is ordinarily in a powered down state, this creates difficulties in reliably receiving SMS messages. You would have to schedule regular wake up and connect events. You would probably have to leave the GPRSbee connected to the network for certain amount of time to let any queued messages get delivered. Even then I’m not sure about the reliability of receiving a message which was sent to the GPRSbee when it was powered down.

A simpler alternative would be to have your SMS messages delivered to and stored on a some web service. The GPRSbee would then be able to connect and check for any queued messages at scheduled intervals.

Thank you Gabriel for the quick replay.
I will try to find some web service for storing a SMS data.

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