Connecting SARA AFF R4 12 with internet connection and send data to the


Team could you share few information about SARA AFF R4 12 using the one of project ( IOT ) and we are facing some technical issues

this board have facility GSM SIM so we are planned to use internet via GSM sim , the sim connection is activated ,internet access present
we are trying to connect through HTTP protocol to thingspeak .com

  1. how ensure the setting is correct and the according the GSM SIM setting .
  2. how to post data through HTTP protocol
    we followed manual and tried AT CMD but unfortunately result is failed

Can you share the code you tried? The most common failure I’ve seen with a SIM connections is incorrectly counting the number of bytes sent. Also, you may have formatted your request to ThingSpeak incorrectly. Are you able to update your channel with a http command in yout web browser? Once you have that syntax correct you can copy to your code. The ThingSpeak library for Arduino includes some AT command examples. They may need to be adapted to your hardware, but I think that will provide you some great hints.


Thanks for the help. The code is working now with your suggestion of changing the bytes sent.