Connect to Internet ( To Custom server )

Hi Guys, i want to use the internet on my SARA N200 shield, i have Arduino + SARA N200.
I want to send the sensor data to MANGO DB using https call, but for this i need internet, My board does not have wifi, only i can use NB IOT shield and NB IOT sim card. How can i enable internet with this set up.


With NB-IoT you do not have internet access.
You have an machine-to-machine connection.


Hi Jan,
Could you please elaborate it in detail, like i want to know how can i see my sensor data on web interface, could you explain it end to end with your expert knowledge.
I want to know – How Sensor values will be routed to NB IOT gateway ( NB IOT gateway ) is it hosted by telecom company – (Does this gateway has DB ) - How can i get this data for reporting purpose.
The api call from board to gateway is it happening due to internet or it works like a SMS, works like a GSM sms service, data goes without internet?

Thank you


No answer on this?

You send a Hexadecimal packet with a maximum of ~500 bytes.

Please get in contact with your telecom company how to get your data with their API.
Every telecom company can have a different API.


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Thanks Jan…

Appreciate your response on my below query :slight_smile:

  1. I connected pin 7, 13, GND, 3.3v to Shield.
  2. I am running below sketch

  1. I have connected ttl2serial cable on 10, 11 but still i dont see any output.

  2. I suspect the sketch crashes
    I dont see anything after :slight_smile:

    temperature = hts221.readTemperature() * 100;
    DEBUG_STREAM.println("Temperature x100 : " + (String)temperature);
    MODEM_STREAM.println("Temperature x100 : " + (String)temperature);
    message[cursor++] = temperature >> 8;
    message[cursor++] = temperature;

even below function wont pass through :slight_smile:
void initHumidityTemperature() {
// if (hts221.begin() == false)
// {
// DEBUG_STREAM.println(“Error while retrieving WHO_AM_I byte…”);
// while (1);
// }

Connect the I2C to use these sensors.

Hi Jan,

Did connect the SCL & SDA PIN on Genuino & SHield, still no success