Connect Sodaq ONE to The Things Stack 3

I try to connect Sodaq One devices to The Things Stack v3 but I failed so far…

  1. Obviously SODAQ is not in the selected list of Brands when starting to setup the device
  2. Which LoRaWAN version is suitable for Sodaq One? MAC V 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 1.04 1.1?
  3. Which regional parameters setting should I choose? PHY V 1.0.2 A or B?

Any advice / link would be helpful.

Best Regards


Hi Peter,

We also just started looking into moving from v2 to v3.

  1. I will look into this. Maybe I can ask to add a general RN module section.
  2. v1.02
  3. We used so far PHY B
    We also changed the app-key to not have a conflicting join server.

Best regards,

Thanks for the response and the hints. I will try them.