Connect DESTM32-S2-12 from SARA AFF N211 to ePaper


I am currently trying to connect my SODAQ SARA AFF N211 to my ePaper using the DESTM32-S2-12 adapter.

The question is, how do I need to change the code, when I have the following things:
Adapter pinout
Connection scheme

Code, where I have to set the pins:

GxEPD2_32_3C display(GxEPD2::GDEW029Z10, /*CS=D8*/ SS, /*DC=D3*/ 0, /*RST=D4*/ 2, /*BUSY=D2*/ 4);

I can already update the display with an ESP32, but I don’t know how to do it with the SARA AFF N211.

Thank you in advance