Confirmation of my understanding of serial I/O support for ONE and Autonomo with LoRaBee RN2483

Hi all,

I just want to make sure to understand the documentation about the serial I/O support for the Sodaq ONE as well as the Autonomo with a LoRaBee. To my opinion the serial I/O support is the same for both as is described at the Autonomo support site:о/serial-io/
which says:
The SODAQ Autonomo has two hardware serial connections Serial & Serial1 and one virtual serial port SerialUSB which is used for communicating with a connected PC via the native USB port. Serial is available on pins D0 (RX) & D1 (TX). Serial1 is connected to the Bee socket.

For the Sodaq ONE, the above applies too, but Tx is on D12/A13 and Rx is on pin D13/A13. The onboard RN2483 is connected to Serial1 in both situations.


Yes Serial1 is connected to the LoRa module, the pins are not connected to any of the header pins.

For Serial the header pin D12/A12 is TX, and the pin D13/A13 is RX.

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