+CME ERROR: Operation not allowed (Vodafone Allthingstalk)

We have a SARA SFF R412M with a vodafone data SIM (no NB-IoT)

We followed the steps to take in the Universal Tracker Tutorial.

When the device is debugging we come across this message, i believe we get stuck here:

11:18:33.208 ->
Sending message through UDP
11:18:33.208 -> >> AT+USOCR=17,16666
11:18:33.208 ->
<< +USOCR: 0
11:18:33.242 -> << OK
11:18:33.242 -> >> AT+USOST=0,“”,1,37,“01014294293B71A54B42437039417644D0BA5B5D79186013D91EE7934F032D0008002E0601”
11:18:33.242 ->
<< +CME ERROR: Operation not allowed

It seems the device is trying to send, but AllThingsTalk does not receive… Anybody has an idea where to look?

Hi @PloegamBV ,

You are indeed not allowed to send to

I have added the AllthingsTalk bootmenu settings to the page.

Best regards,

Hi Jan! This works!

Thanks for the quick reply!

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