Charge li-ion battery with solar panel


I would like to make a project fully autonomous energy supply with the Sodaq Explorer.
For that, I have a li-ion battery and a solar panel.

My question is can I charge the li-ion battery with the solar panel through the Explorer board? And how can I do that?

For the moment, the li-ion battery is connected to GND and BATT ports.
If I connect the solar panel to the solar JSP connectors, will it charge my battery automatically? Or do I need to do other manipulations?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @polol,

The explorer has a coin cell holder “internal battery” and two JST connectors, one for the solar panel and one for the “external battery”.

There is a jumper or switch (depending on the version) select the connect battery you use (internal or external) and the solar panel will automatically charge and use this battery.

Best regards,

Hi thank you for your response.

So I must connect my battery to the JST connector? It’s not possible to connect it to GND and BATT port?