Changing the channel of Sodaq One

Hi everyone,
I want to change the channel to 867.8 or 867.9, because my country bans the frequency 868Mhz. How can I set the channel 1 or 2 to my frequency? Through the serial monitor or UART ?
Thanks .

Have a look at the AT Command manual:

It is possible to set the frequencies of channels 3-15 to values between 863-870MHz (and 433.05-434.79MHz).
e.g. Set channel 6 to 864MHz

mac set ch freq 6 864000000

You cannot adjust the frequencies of the default channels (channels 0-2). However, you may be able to disable them. e.g. Turn channel 1 off:

mac set ch status 1 off

Thank you,
How can I gain the output power ?

Hi Gabriel,
I want to set max power for transmitting, I see in datasheet that there are 2 ways to change output power are mac set pwridx 1->5 and radio set pwr -3->15. I tried using first way but it’s not work, when i call mac get pwridx again it returned 1 (i set it 5 before).

Having had a look at the RN2483 AT command manual. The references to those Tx power commands mention that they change the output power for the ‘next transmission’.

A gateway can send a MAC LinkADRReq command specifying, among other things, the transmit power the end device should use.

It may be possible that the gateway is reducing the Tx power. However, at least one transmission should be at the level you specify.