Boards Manager v1.6.7


There is a new version of the SODAQ Boards Manager, v1.6.7. See the changelog below. It’s available if you have this JSON configured in Arduino IDE

It has been pushed out to Github at

This version is based of ArduionCore-samd commit 897532f, plus
(from the GIT shortlog)

  • Added PWM capability to D8 D9.
  • Add Autonomo sub-variant “… with SPI1”
  • Added PWM to the RGB pins.
  • Fixed Serial. Description required SERCOM_ALT.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake for SWITCH_SENSE.
  • Correction include guard of sodaq_wdt/variant.h
  • There was a one off in the middle of g_APinDescription
  • Rename board id for LoRaONE in boards.txt
  • Increase SERIAL_BUFFER_SIZE to 129
  • Renamed the openocd_scripts cfg file.
  • Initial attempt at a pin mapping for the LoRaONE
  • Add new board variant for WDT
  • Correct chipname in debug script
  • Add new variants “serial3” and “serial23”
  • Add shell script to generate the distribution tar.bz2
  • Add board variant with Serial2
  • Undo the change in platform.txt for 1.6.6
  • Add pins for SD_DFLASH and CS_SD to match the names on Autonomo rev4
  • Avoid using void* in an arithmetic expression (in USBDeviceClass::send)
  • Changed hardcoded A0 for DAC in analogWrite()
  • Adding initialisation of TC6 & TC7
  • Added the same clock divider rule as the G18
  • Remove USB_HOST_ENABLE, we don’t have the hardware to output USB power
  • Make prototype of Serial_::begin consistent with implementation
  • Add boards.txt, platform.txt and variants