Boards Manager update for SODAQ ONE, v1.6.8


There is a new version of the SODAQ SAMD boards for Arduino’s Boards Manager. It’s version
1.6.8. See the changelog below. It’s available if you have this JSON configured in Arduino IDE

In case you’re interested, the code is available at our Github.

New in 1.6.8 is the support for SODAQ ONE

Furthermore (from GIT shortlog)

  • bootloaders: add the bootloader for SODAQ Autonomo
  • boards: rename LoRaONE Beta to SODAQ ONE Beta
  • Comment and whitespace fixes.
  • Renumbered the Digital pins (D0-D3, D6-D13).
  • Renumbered Analog pins (A0-A3, A6-A13).
  • Minor whitespace fix.
  • Removed previously unnecessary PIN_A12, PIN_A13 definitions.
  • Removed the hardware flow control from Serial1 on the Autonomo BETA.
  • The CTS & RTS pins are now swapped for the Autonomo BETA subvariant.
  • Changed the compiler directive to “AUTONOMO_BETA” in boards.txt
  • Added “Autonomo BETA” subvariant to boards.txt
  • Reformat the g_APinDescription tables in variants.cpp (white space only)
  • Fix an issue with the PWM on the TIMER_ALT pins
  • sodaq_one: fix PWM on D8 and D9, add BALT_VOLT
  • Updated the Digital & Analog mappings removing D4/A4 & D5/A5.
  • Moved SPI back to pins 3-6 of J1.
  • Moved Serial1 back to Sercom2 (from 4).
  • Removed I2C1
  • Add initial support for SODAQ ONE with a copy from the LoRaONE Beta
  • Add bootloader.tool and bootloader.file
  • Bump version of platform.txt to 1.6.8
  • Moved SPI pins to A4-A7.
  • Previous commit should have moved I2C1 to SERCOM2 not SERCOM0.
  • Moved I2C1 from SERCOM4 to SERCOM0.
  • Moved Serial1 from SERCOM2 to SERCOM4.
  • Added second I2C bus (I2C1) on Sercom4 (SDA = D2/A2, SCL = D3/A3).
  • Removed the setting of the digital IO pins to default INPUT.