Board Not Powering On

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased the US915 version of the ExpLoRer board for use in completing the LoRaWAN Academy coursework on Semtech’s website. Per the instruction on the course, I started the setup process for adding the TTN library and SODAQ SADM boards to the Arduino IDE.

However, when plugging the device in to my PC using the microUSB cable that was included with the board, it appears that my PC was unable to recognize the device. I thought this may have been an issue with the USB ports on my PC, but I’ve tried this same process on 3 PCs, and none of them are able to detect the device.

Further, I noticed that no LEDs light up when I plug the device in on any PC. This leads me to believe that either a) the device is not receiving enough power for some reasons or b) the device is defective.

Does anyone have any insight or information that will help me resolve this problem? Thanks in advance for your assistance!


Dear @cstein,

  1. Can you check if the USB connector has all the pins correctly soldered?

LEDs should be off when connected to a PC.
2) When connected to the PC, double press te reset button fast. This will put the board manually into bootloader mode and in this mode the blue LED should be fading.

Let me know about the results!

If you have an Atmel ICE, you can also try re-flashing the bootloader.

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Hi Jan, thank you for the reply.

It appears that the USB connector pins are properly soldered, photos attached below.

I have tried putting the board into bootloader mode several times and I am unable to see the blue LED illuminated. Unfortunately I do not have an Atmel ICE on hand. Any other ideas that I can try to get this working?

As a side note, my device included the USB cable but did not include a battery.

Additional photo.

Dear @cstein,

Can you install the Arduino Zero boardfiles?
Arduino SAMD Boards (32-bots ARM Cortex-M0+)

The Arduino Zero has the same microcontroller as the Explorer, by installing these board you also install the latest drivers for the microcontroller. If your PC still does not detect the board, we will swap your board for a new one.

Best regards,