Base Board Circuitry


I received a SODAQ One Base Board today and there is some circuitry on it. I checked the schematics and I have a few questions.

What I have understood: The LiPo connector on the base board sends the 3.7V directly to the SODAQ board’s V_BATT, which gets regulated to 3.3V.

  1. What is this base board circuit for? Is the circuit used for regulation?

  2. If yes, then why is it required, since the regulation for the SODAQ board is done using the on-board regulator itself?


Dear Gunjan,

The circuit on the base board is to switch the vcc on one side of the board with the three grove connectors.

You can switch this by setting pin 11 high and low.
If you don’t want the feature you can move the solderjumper.
Scroll down to: Base Orientation and antenna connection