Autonomo with RFID Reader and SoftwareSerial

Hi I have a Autonomo with the Grove 125kHz RFID module

I’m trying to use the Sodaq_SoftSerial library to communicate but I can’t get it to compile.
it’s complaning about util/delay_basic.h: No such file or directory
so it looks like the delay_basic.h is incompatible with SAMD architectures.
any clue on how to proceed?

You can use the hardware serial lines on the autonomo.
SerialUSB - USB
Serial1 - beesocket
Serial d0 and d1

You can connect the RFID module to Serial
And then you dont need the sofware serial library

Aah, I (wrongly) assumed the SerialUSB was just an alias for Serial.
will try this tonight.


Thx fro this suggestion,
but Jan’s answer about the autonomo having 3 hardware serials did the trick, connecting the module to d0 and d1 and referencing it with Serial in the code worked. and i’m able to read out the rfid keys


How cum your Autonomo is working with this device and mine is not?

See Autonomo & Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader

I assume I should see data on the Serial port at the moment the tag is near the reader?

Does the red LED blink? Mine is on continuously.


Can you share your code with me , since i’m getting a tough time to get the code to work ?

hi gertjana

you are welcome.
hope what i provide could help you.

it is my pleasure to help all of you.