Autonomo + TPH V2 sensor

First off, I’m absolutely new to the Sodaq Autonomo so bear with me…

Are there any available examples on the TPH V2 sensor? Seems like there are only examples for v1. It also seems like there are two strategies for using the sensor because there are both one Sodaq_TPH library and the two seperate Sodaq_BMP085 & Sodaq_SHT2x libraries available on github. Which once should be used?

When I use the Sodaq_TPH library the code wont compile because it can’t seem to locate <util/delay.h>. And when I use the two seperate libraries I get wrong values (temp = -273).

Any help is much appreciated!

Both Libraries are for the TPH v1.

For TPH v2 you can use the following libraries, they are available in the library manager of Arduino.

And there is an example in the library you can use to read the sensor values.