Autonomo predefined functions

I am currently trying to use an interrupt function with the Autonomo board, however, after checking some examples by GabrielNotman I’m still not really sure how this works. I’m pretty new at programming C (Do have some experience)

I was wondering if there is a place I could find the definition of all the predefined functions available for the autonomo. As example: where can I find what

//Set sleep mode


I would like to understand code before I use it.


The above is not a function call but the modification of one of the SAMD21’s registers. Specifically the SCR component of the System Control Block (SCB).

Have a look at the datasheet for more information on the SAMD21’s registers: (page 147 for SCR).

When you install a SAMD21 board (Arduino Zero, Autonomo) it will also install some tools in the appData folder (on Windows). Have a look in the CMSIS files for the SAMD21. Those files will have the definitions for each of the registers.