Autonomo+LoraWan 2483+sleep


what is the best way to set different SF parameter for uplink communication?
I am using Sodaq_RN2483 library and did not find public api to do that.

Would you have also example to handle downlink communication?

Is this a proper way [1] to put autonomo to sleep? I also need to put
to sleep 2483 before autonomo board.

Thank you.


[1] Autonomo Sleep?

There is a thread here on putting the Autonomo in sleep mode and saving the maximum about of power:

Some of the steps, such as the resetting the pins, are no longer necessary.

If you pull the latest version of the RN2483 library, there are sleep and wake functions for the LoRa module. I don’t think that code has been released to the Arduino library system yet. The repository can be found here:

Alternatively, this thread discusses how to put the SodaqONE into sleep mode. There you can see how to manually put the LoRa module to sleep.

Thank you, Gabriel. --Rostislav