AT+NUESTATS cell id found, does it mean that device should be able to connect network?

I am trying to connect sodaq nb-iot device to DNA Finland network, but have trouble with that. AT+NUESTATS gives me next info:

“Signal power”,-32768

“Total power”,-32768
“TX power”,-32768
“TX time”,0
“RX time”,213369
“Cell ID”,4294967295



It shows Cell ID, so does it mean that in theory devic eshould be able to connect network? What about those signal power, tx power they are allways -32768, should their be something else?

Values being -32768 means that the modem is not able to retrieve meaningful values. I would expect values between -120 … -20 dBm (showing integer values between -1200 and -200 because resolution is 0.1 dBm). You can dinf details in the datasheet of the N211.

Maybe your antenna is not properly connected?

p.s. how is NBIOT coverage in Finland, are you close enough to any cell tower that supports NBIOT?

Thanks Felix,

it seems that it was coverage problem. I move N211 closer to the window and it seems to solve problem.