Arduino: Please select Programmer

I have been using Arduino IDE 1.8.5 on my macbook too upload versions of the sketch to my brand new SODAQ ONE v3 and up to about an hour ago that all went fine.

Now, when I upload, Arduino IDE 1.8.5 says “please select programmer”. My selected programmer is “Arduino as ISP” and I have programmed the SODAQ ONE in this setup before (just 30 minutes ago). My SODAQ ONE shows up on port /dev/cu.usbmodem1411 and the IDE seems to think it is a Arduino Zero or the likes, but that didn’t prevent me from uploading before.

I do not have an Atmel programmer at hand, I can only upload a sketch using the Arduino 1.8.5 IDE from my Mac and I have no idea what went wrong. I have seen one other user having the same problem on this forum, but there are no answers that would give me a clue as to what might be wrong.

I have tried to put the board in “bootloader mode” but the “Please select Programmer” error in the Arduino IDE remains.

Any tips on what I can try without breaking this expensive piece of kit?

Hi @rolf,

Arduino released 1.8.7
Hopfully upgrading the Arduino IDE will solve the “Please select Programmer” error.

Kind regards,

Updated to 1.8.7. I can upload to the board every now and then, but it’s not reliable. Feels like a timing or bad contact problem, pretty annoying. Can’t seem to get to the exact cause.

Which IDE do you use for the Arduino programming ??? If you are facing issues with mac then take assistance from apple customer service and also share the pictures of your problem.