Arduino Development with Eclipse

As the Arduino IDE is quite limited I’ve tried to use following guide in order to use the ECLIPSE IDE. Everything seems to work fine except the IDE can’t find the standard Arduino library Wire.h, did somebody experienced the same issue? I’m using the Sodaq Sara AFF R410M Board with maker utility project from LTE-M / NB-IoT Training 08-07-2018

Installing the SODAQ packages and libraries worked out fine:

I tried using VS Code for arduino. I hade to add the link to Arduino.h in the c build settings. Then it worked.

#include <Arduino.h> works perfectly fine, the problem occurs when trying to #include <Wire.h>.

Found out you have to enable the relevant libraries within the project properties!

Another issue I encountered is that the Arduino IDE seems to generate automatic function prototypes. Obviously CDT doesn’t so make sure everything is declared within scope!